Day 11


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Reading Journal Debrief

Now that you’re working with a partner, good Git habits are all the more important. As you first start working together, you should discuss some team ground rules and expectations, including version control practices.

In small groups, discuss what you learned from perusing Git resources and what questions you may still have. We’ll collect both the tips and the things to keep studying as a class.

Merge conflicts

Now that you have more than one person working on code at the same time, you may encounter a situation where each of you have made modifications to the same file. When this happens, you need to go through a process to decide how to blend these changes together into a single new version. Read about resolving merge conflicts.

Git Branches

What is the “master” in git push origin master? It’s the name of a branch!

Developers often use branches to work on a new feature (without halting ongoing development on the master branch). Then once the feature is complete and tested, they can merge it back into master.

To see this visually, work through the first three levels of “Learn Git Branching

Text Mining studio time

If you’re still looking for a partner, now’s the time to find one. Remember our conversation about selecting team members - sharing some of your reflection answers as well as your project ideas may be a good starting point.

Strongly recommended: review your ideas for a data set and analysis strategy with course staff.