Day 12


For Next time

MP3 presentations

We’ll take a few minutes for each team to share their results from the text mining mini project

Reading Journal Debrief

With people sitting around you, debrief on the reading journal. Were there parts that you were confused by? Work as a group towards a better understanding and record the questions you have for us to address as a larger group.

Inheritance and Shapes

We have created a Jupyter notebook that lets you practice refactoring a set of classes using inheritance.

Inheritance Example: counters, multisets, and Bayesian statistics

If you’d like more practice or to see inheritance in another context, we have also posted a notebook that walks you through using inheritance to go from the built-in Python collection Counter all the way up to Bayesian statistics. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you should check out Think Bayes or Allen’s “Computational Bayesian Statistics” course.

As a side note, in order to easily access these notebooks, you might want to clone the website repository. All the notebooks are in the notebooks directory of the repository.